Alpha Laboratories is a leading full service analytical testing laboratory devoted to serving the global pharmaceutical industry as well as Natural Health Products, Veterinary, Food and Cosmetics. From our government-accredited operations, we provide unique quality control and consulting services, as well as perform a wide variety of analysis, including chemistry, microbiology, method development and validation, technology transfer, and stability studies.

Accreditations & Licenses

Alpha Laboratories: Your Industrial / Pharmaceutical Laboratory of Choice.

Proven Quality Management System.

Our quality management process has been developed and refined over our 42 years in business.

Experienced & Highly Qualified Staff.

Alpha Laboratories employs a staff with both a deep understanding of analytical services and testing and an extensive knowledge of your industry – offering our clients the best of both worlds.

Value Added Services.

Our services are competitively priced, while maintaining the highest quality of testing and standards.

Excellent Turn Around Time.

With over 42 years of experience, Alpha Analytical Labs, has created a proven methodology that consistently meets and exceed our customers’ expectations for prompt efficient turn-around times and service.

Dependable Customer Service.

Alpha’s success is based on building long term relationships. We adapt our customer service model to meet your needs – not the other way around.

Analytical Services Offered:


  • Analytical Testing: Pharmaceutical Products
  • Elemental Analysis
  • Raw Material Analytical Services
  • Food Analysis Services
  • Fats and Oils Analysis
  • Natural Health Product Testing


  • Wet Chemistry
  • Chromatography (HPLC, GC & TLC Systems)
  • Spectroscopy
  • Physical Testing Services
  • Microbiology

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