BEST TESTS ONTARIO™ is introducing to Canada

The PCR-based test for fast identification of fungi
infecting skin, hair or nails

Clinician Participation Agreement:
Any Ontario clinician eligible to order tests and who is already served directly by Alpha or in the 'evaluation area' can order EUROArray* if they are willing to: obtain patient consents; provide information to the evaluation; enter into a short agreement covering their participation. An honorarium to clinicians will be offered by Alpha per patient per survey for their assistance with the study. The goal of the study is learn if the test should be OHIP test funded for appropriate uses.


  1. Only Alpha requisitions specific to the EUROArray study may be used. Participating clinicians will be able to download requisitions and patient consents. Participating clinicians may also use their own fungal collection kits or can order the collection kits from Alpha which are available for delivery. Please have this page bookmarked for quick and easy access.
  2. A completed MOH OHIP lab requisition for routine fungal culture and KOH Prep is also required.

Specimen Collection Instructions:
Please collect as much specimen as possible so that both routine fungal culture and the EUROArray DNA test can be performed from the same sample

Specimen pickup:
Specimens for testing will be picked up via from all current Alpha serviced locations and clinician offices. Special rapid pickups will also be made from all other clinician offices within 50km of Toronto or in London and can be arranged for via email request at: or call Client Services: (416)449-2166

Are you interested buy have some questions?

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EUROArray tests will be offered free of charge during the evaluation period* to patients whose healthcare provider determines they may benefit from the test. Patients must provide consent to being tested and to their information being confidentially shared with the evaluation study. Patients will be asked to optionally agree to respond to two brief study questionnaries and will receive a coffee card honorarium for their participation. All patient information will be kept strictly confidential and will be anonymized for the purpose of this study.

*Subject to budgeted quantities. The evaluation could end earlier, or could be extended by Alpha at its sole discretion. Clinicians will receive notice of the end of the project or any extension one week in advance.