Best Tests Ontario
Winter 2020
For Clinicians
March/April Live Webcasts - Best Tests Ontario with Dr. Peter Lin M.D.

We are inviting Alpha Clinicians and other members of the Ontario medical community to attend one of three live webcasts profiling the innovative software "Best Tests Ontario™" being offered March 30, 31st and April 1st beginning at 7 pm.

Internationally renowned Canadian medical educator Dr. Peter Lin will lead the discussion.

Best Tests Ontario™ is provided at no cost and includes:

  • Medical education in person and online on the latest in medical laboratory testing,
  • First access to the latest medical tests, including, for those located 50 km within the GTA - EUROArray; a new DNA test for rapid and accurate identification of dermatophytes, yeasts and molds in fungal infection of the skin, nails and hair,
  • Customized test selection and feedback tools that also help to make your practice more efficient and,
  • Opportunity to participate in beta testing of the Best Tests Program

Best Tests Ontario™ uses the best evidence and ongoing clinician feedback to improve medical laboratory test selection.


Currently available in only 15 countries outside of Canada Alpha labs is working to demonstrate the value of this test for Ontario patients suffering from fungal infections. Starting immediately free testing is available through all physicians and nurse practitioners who are currently regular users of Alpha and to others in designated study areas which are within 50 km of Toronto or London.

Each test requester must agree to participate in the evaluation and will be eligible for an honorarium. Registration and more information is available at For more information contact or call (416-449-2166 ext.1358)